In academia, subjects as diverse as Philosophy, Mathematics, Science, and Art can be found. The combination of ideas from these realms results in a focus, a way of life, a way of thinking, but most importantly a passion: Architecture.
Boutros Bou-Nahra Architect is a full-service Residential and Commercial Architecture + Interior Design firm that encompasses every phase of the process from feasibility studies, visualizations, master planning, and schematic design to construction documents and construction administration. Each relationship begins using listening as the most powerful tool. Using your goals, objectives and space requirements, innovative and highly functional solutions are created.
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I am driven by a desire to explore architectural systems that have been implemented in our past, as well as the urge to create and discover new alternatives. From the paramount importance of a safe habitat, and through every phase of design, the magic that one experiences through architecture is where I am humbly fulfilled.       -    Boutros Bou-Nahra
Boutros Bou-Nahra has conducted lectures and workshops at various universities, such as Florida Atlantic University, University of Arkansas, Florida International University, and Palm Beach State College.  Lectures focus on the philosophy and design process of the projects, while workshops are an intensive didactic experience typically hosted in an academic environment. For requests, see contact information above.