The crown is multi-functional; in addition to rain water harvesting, the flared surface is made of photo-voltaic cells which harvest daylight energy, allowing the intervention to illuminate as way finding and serve as a charging station for users. The utilities are minimal water usage for hygiene purposes and charging for emergencies or critical scenarios.  
Considering duration of ones stay, Velo Bloom can take on three primary positions:
The CANOPY which creates simple overhead enclosure from sun and rain while being open on the sides. The HAMMOCK, which can be enclosed on all sides creating shelter for longer duration refuge and lastly the LEAF, which takes on ergonomic features of a seat or a bed depending on user preferences.In order to gain access to Velo Bloom, you must first lock your bicycle into one of four slots along the spire demarcated through floor symbology.  Once the bicycle is engaged with the spire, one can begin to engage with the many features along that specific quadrant.Upon exit, the Velo Bloom must simply be restored to its found position in order to disengage the bicycle from its resting position and users can continue  on their way. This serves as a way to minimize maintenance and ensure proper operation.

Around the perimeter of the spire, space planning is subdivided radially into eighths, alternating between public and private spaces.  This allows it’s users to choose a configuration suitable to their preferences, whether that be to frame a view or to block sun exposure.   Additionally, the public spaces created between the private quadrants act as a buffer to separate the other quadrants.